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Ally Parkes Author

Ally Parkes

About the author

Ally is a married mum of 2 and lives in a town outside the north of London.

She is a part-time Occupational Therapist in the NHS, as well as part-time author.

Back in 2012, just after she turned 31 and when her children were only 2 and 3 months old, Ally's life got turned upside down when she received a shock diagnosis. 

The next few years were certainly the toughest she had ever had to face and it changed the world as she knew it.  

As part of her recovery, Ally decided to use the power of writing to help her overcome her feelings about what happened and in the hope it might help others who have also experienced what it's like when your life suddenly gets taken out of your control.

Her family gave her the strength to fight and overcome the changes in her life, but she did not want to write as herself. So, she used her life experience to inspire her writing and so, the fictional character of Chloe Richards was born. 

Ally enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves holidays and any kind of travel. She has even been drawn to a love of camping and the great outdoors. She enjoys reading chick-lit and feel-good fiction and likes to keep active by walking, cycling, playing netball and swimming.